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Excel-on-2screens allows you to switch easily between the default 'single instances/windows' and reghack 'multpile instances/windows' and does NOT require admin rights!

Please read Blog 2015-01-07 Excel on 2 screens for details.

If you launch it without arguments, you will see this asked what to do:


If you want to do the changes unattended:

Usage: excel-on-2screens.exe [enable|disable|--help]
enable|true|1   enables excel on 2 or more monitors (= multiple instances)
disable|false|0 disables/reverts changes (= single instance)

taskmanager with three excel processes

Interface GUI
Language Englisch
System requirements >= WinXP, Office
Tested on Win7 (Office2010, Office2007)
Source code AutoIt3
License Donateware


If you find bugs or want a feature, contact me!

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I'll appreciate your donation!


  • 2017-02-25 - 1.0 exe
  • 2017-01-29 - 1.0

Tags: excel, new instance, new window